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…are technological innovators providing an essential service in partnership with our clients

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…always aspire to provide the perfect bespoke solution for each organisation, catering for every requirement

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…develop our solutions in close cooperation with our clients: your feedback and experience using FACT24 is always welcome and is integrated into product development wherever possible

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…are the first and only European provider for EMNS (Emergency and Mass Notification Services) listed in the Gartner Report

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…have always put great importance on the protection of the data you entrust to us

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… look after you personally, speak your language and understand your cultural requirements

 “We offer the European standard solution for crisis communication and management. Premium service in local language and enablement of our customers is key to us.”

Stefanie Hach, Head of Sales & Marketing – F24 Luxembourg S.A.

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“Before we had AlarmTILT® in use, when a security-relevant event occurred, there was a simple list – and the colleague from the security department had to decide which of the potentially affected employees to call first.

Such a decision is ultimately unreasonable – because it can always be wrong. No one can know who is really in danger at any given moment and who may already be safe. Thanks to AlarmTILT®, all those affected are now alerted in parallel and completely automatically.”

Employee safety manager for a company in the automotive industry in Germany

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