Alert and crisis management solution

Face all situations, preserve your business, with a reliable and secure information exchange.

How prepared is your organisation to handle a crisis or an incident?

Alarmtilt Alert and Crisis Management Solution

Crises cannot be prevented,
but we can help you overcome them.

With AlarmTILT®, you can very easily manage mass notification and have a comprehensive crisis management solution :


AlarmTILT® has a very intuitive user interface to guarantee a very easy use in case of emergency or crisis and can use all communication means. Take advantage of a Crisis Management Center and stay in touch with decision-makers when a crisis occurs, wherever you are.


Emergency plan/ Staff recall

Trigger your emergency adapted to the situation in just a few seconds, the AlarmTILT® solution does the rest. Call back the necessary employees to manage a crisis situation, according to your needs, and follow-up the answers of your collaborators.

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Business Continuity Plan

Roll out your business continuity plans during a crisis with the AlarmTILT® solution, by triggering specific procedures for each event.

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